Panacea Hospital

Panacea Hospital

Panacea Hospital is a next compass of healthcare. Panacea implies in Greek “cure all” solution for all sicknesses.

An experience of health. We rethink social insurance, setting new guidelines for amicable neighbourhood medicinal services administrations which satisfies individuals concerns and reliably surpasses their desires. This is not simply a place  for treatment of disease, it is a place that will Rejuvenate, Revitalize and Reconnect you to Vibrant Life. The ability to recuperate is an exceptional gift presented to by the DIVINE, and we at PANACEA perceive this blessing. We likewise understand that blessing is an extraordinary obligation and we take unique consideration to use this benefit for the welfare of the group. In our try to convey this human touch with DIVINE adequacy, your prosperity is our persuading quality.

Panacea Hospital arranged at Basaveshwaranagar is resolved to give Leading Edge Diagnostic, Medical and Surgical Services to recuperate the patients from their infirmities and restoring them to their cheer and dynamic solid Life.

Panacea healing facility is driven by a mission to serve the wellbeing needs of each individual through a comprehensive methodology and hence restore wellbeing, essentialness and euphoria in the lives of our kindred creatures. Guided by the centre estimations of sympathy, fairness and brilliance, we endeavour to guarantee that each one has admittance to quality health awareness administrations. The glow, society and accommodation at the front office, devoted nursing staff, quietness, demonstrable skill, and minding environment over the healing facility with round the clock quality medicinal and surgical administrations guarantees a patient inviting remain. Endeavours are made always to give the best to our patients as a benevolent neighbourhood healing centre.

Panacea Hospital is a unit of Panacea Hospital Pvt. Ltd. which is a result of intelligent thinking, meticulous planning, and the dedicated spirit of Service minded enthusiastic Doctors and Surgeons who have the objective of providing excellent Medical and Surgical care in a warm and pleasing environment.

Panacea has  it’s own board, a group of remarkable Doctors, Surgeons , Consultants and related Health care experts who are men of mankind and delicate nature and recognized Experts and authorities in their particular fields. The doctor’s facility is fantastically prepared to render extensive human services administrations to newborn children, kids, young people, grown-ups and the senior residents. Panacea Hospital’s exceptional highlight is that it tries steady endeavours to meet the present day restorative and surgical difficulties and issue by joining most recent advanced medicinal and surgical developments. Each activity are made as a chance to touch experience that rouse us by acquiring best accessible gifts and hi- tech restorative and Surgical Services at moderate costs.


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